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Can you name the Buffy characters when given their first and last line in season 3?

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Forced Order
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First LineCharacterLast Line
''Absolutely not. Under no circumstances.''''You're on my campus, buddy, and when I say quiet, I want—''
''How did you find me here?''''It was a hell of a battle.''
''Home, sweet home.''''I did it my way...''
''That really never works.''''We're taking a moment...and we're done.''
''I got him! Go!''''Well, school's's so cool.''
''It's okay, I've got're Buffy, right?''''Just take what you need. You're ready?''
''Diet soda, medium.''''No, this is no good at all.''
''Uh, hello.''''Buffy, no. Buffy, you just can't...''
''So, no joy at the cemetery?''''I'm going to see Wesley, see if he's still...whimpering.''
First LineCharacterLast Line
''Hey, Willow.''''I'm for it.''
''That's right, big boy, come and get it.''''Why do demons even come here anymore? I mean, don't they know...''
''Nice bag. Prada?''''Aren't we gonna kiss?''
''I'm not bothered, Allan.''''Well, gosh.''
''Of course, training procedures have been updated quite a bit since your day.''''Perhaps I could just be knocked unconscious.''
''Cordelia! You look amazing.''''You mean in front of other people?''
''If I was blind, I would see you.''''You understand? There is just too much to...''
''Hi, guys.''''Before thee let the unclean thing crawl!''

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