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Can you guess Kpop voice & what the work together

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Hint1AnswerHint 2
(1) 0.00-0.07Girl Group member
(2) 0.08-0.18 Boy Group member
(3) 0.19-.027Boy Group member
(4) 0.28-0.38Solo SInger
(5) 0.39-0.43Boy Group member
(6) 0.43-0.53Solo SInger
(7) 0.54-1.03Girl Group member
(8) 1.04-1.14Boy Group member
(9) 1.14-1.24Boy Group member
(10) 1.25-1.34Solo SInger
(11) 1.35-1.43Girl Group member
(12) 1.44-1.52Boy Group member
(13) 1.53-2.02Solo SInger
(14) 2.03-2.12Girl Group member
(15) 2.13-2.22Boy Group member
(16) 2.23-2.30Girl Group member
(17) 2.31-2.40Boy Group member
(18) 2.41-2.50Solo SInger
(19) 2.51-3.00Boy Group member
(20) 3.01-3.10Boy Group member
(21) 3.11-3.17Boy Group member
(22) 3.18-3.27Girl Group member
(23) 3.28-3.37Ex- Boy Group member
(24) 3.38-3.47Girl Group member
(25) 3.48-3.57Boy Group member
Hint1AnswerHint 2
(26) 3.58-4.08Girl Group member
(27) 4.09-4.18Boy Group member
Song Title(16) & (27) are model in this song MV
Song Title(9) & (13) sing this song. (13) Debut Song
Entertainment Company(8), (17), (20) are under this company
KDrama Title(6), (22) are lead role in this drama
Song Title(23), (24) sing this song for Mnet Variety show
Group Name(5), (19) sing this song
Song Title(9) make this song for (1) in MBC Variety show
Song Title(10), (23) sing this song
Song Title(18), (22) sing this song. This song released in 2014
Entertainment Company(2), (9), (13), (24) are under this company
Song Title(11), (14) sing this song
Song Title(6), (16) & Ahn Jaehyun are model for this MV
Song Title(4) & (17) sing this song
Group Name(2) & (13)
Group Name(3), (8), (15), (25)
Song Title(7), (20) sing this song in MBC variety show
Entertainment Company(1), (5), (11), (14), (21) are under this company
KDrama Title(15), (23) are cast in this drama. 2 Lead cast in this drama are same with lead cast in drama 'My girl'
Group Name(12), (26)
Position in Group(1), (13), (7), (16), (25)
Solo SInger(7), (26) they've become model in his MV (different song)
Entertainment Company(12), (22), (26) are undrer this company
KDrama Title(10), (17), with member of T-ARA, miss A, 2PM are main cast this drama

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