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Can you name the species of the Invader Zim universe?

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Invader Zim's species.
Inhabitants of Earth.
Baby-like species, attempt to steal Zim's ship in Plague of Babies.
Lard Nar's species.
Species conquered by Irken Empire and are forced to ship packages across the universe, have large screws drilled into their heads.
Appear in Vindicated!, take Mr. Dwicky with them in their ship.
Native to Hobo 13, attack Invader Skoodge in the episode Hobo 13.
Native to planet Blorch, which Invader Skoodge is assigned to.
Conquered by Invader Flobee, made entirely of rock.
Turned their home world and Mercury into giant spaceships 'because it's coooool'.
Beings of pure energy, sworn enemies of the Irken Empire.
Steal other planets to use as fuel for their dying sun.

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