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What is the proper level of analysis/perspective/subfield?

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Psychological perspective concerned with behavioral reactions to stimuli
Psychological approach concerned with individual potential for growth and the role of unique perceptions in growth toward one's potential
Psychological approach concerned with physiological and biochemical factors that determine behavior and mental processes
Psychological perspective concerned with how we receive, store, and process information
Psychological perspective concerned with how natural selection favored behaviors that contributed to survival and spread of our ancestors' genes
Integrated approach that incorporates biology, psychology, and social-cultural levels of analysis
Psychological perspective concerned with how cultural differences affect behavior
Professional that evaluates and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders
Professional that helps people adapt to change or make changes in their lifestyles
Professional that studies psychological development throughout the lifespan
Professional that focuses on how effective teaching and learning takes place
Professional that focuses on traits, attitudes, and goals of the individual
Professional that focuses on how a person's mental life and behavior are shaped by interactions with other people
Professional that aims to improve productivity and the quality of work life by applying psychological principles and methods to the workplace
Professional that conducts research on how people function best with machines

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