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QUIZ: Can you name the outcome of the Centurions 2010 Plamondon Trip?

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What is Marcus Iveys new nickname?
Who didn't play hockey on sunday morning?
Who did a keg stand with no clothes on?
What room did we party in?
What pick-up line did Conor use on the MILFS?
Who headbutted Gab?
Who graciously donated us some mats?
Who won the 100$ gift card for Co-op?
What team also stayed at the Chez Nous and had a cool truck bar-b-q?
Who insisted on listening to death metal before each game?
Who got a stick in the eye?
Who got to wear the Centurions war helmet for the first game?
The second game?
the third game?
Who made the hole in the wall?
What's Marie's new nickname?
Who won the tournament MVP?
What was our bus driver's name?
Who passed out on the toilet 'in the upright position'
We had a keg of....
Who got dicks drawn on his back?
on his face?
Who is forever scarred for life after this one boys?
Who was in charge of the whole tournament?
Who 'should go preform an abortion on himself?'
Who forgot his room key in his pocket at the end?
Who shattered his cofee mug (full of Grog of course)
Who was mad at Rook for getting Grog instead of beer?

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