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I hop of the_____ at LAX with the dream, my cardigan
well come to____ land of
fame excess am'i ______ fit ___
jumped in a cab, here i am for the ____ time
looked to _____ and i see
the ____ ____ this is all so crazy
everybody seems so ______
my tummy is turtin and im feeling kinda ________
too much pressure and im _____
that's when the ____ ___ turns on the radio
and a _____ song is on
i can almost see it that ______ i am
dreaming but there's a ____
inside my head saying you'll _____ reach it
every step im taking _____ move i make
____ lost with no _____ my ____ is shaking
but i gotta keep ____ gotta keep my
___ held high there's always gonna be
another _____ im always gonna want to make it ____
always gonna be another ____ sometimes i'm gonna have to ____
ain't about how ___ i get there ain't about what's _____ on the other side it's the_____
123 everybody come on, off your ____
im gonna tell you about a ____ that's gonna
make you move your ____ i'll give
the BBQ show and _____ you how to move
if you're _or __ this is something you
can do pop it, ___ it, polka dot it, countrify it,hip hop it
put your ___ in the sky, move __ to side
jump to the ____, stick it glide zig zag, across the____
shuffle in _____ when the ___ hits hands on tour ____
one-footed 180 ___ zig zag, step side lean it ____, and clap _ times ___ it out head to toe throw it all together that's how we ___

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