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QUIZ: Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Characters?

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 first and last names for all answers unless specified (also little commentary hehe)
 the fish swimmer with 2 twin daughters
 A's favorite little short girl
 she had such a great fashion sense omg
 i liked crazy her better tbh
 she is actually the best character on the show she is so underrated
 he's pretty great too even
 she's in a hole in the ground
 he's pretty irrelevant
 he better be taking good care of his luscious hair
 the best wine mom
 r.i.p to a great papa
 why did she even want to marry zack lol what>
 smh still can't get over what he did
 cutiee but him and mona were goals
 she was a greatttt mom to hanna
 lol he tried
 no one likes her..
 i feel so bad for her
 he should keep his little friend in his pants...
 she wasn't horrible, sorta
 lol hey
 like the accent
 still confuses me how he got aria after all the stuff her did
 he never should've dated spencer tbh
 i miss him and spencer
 never liked her lol
 she was really rude sometimes
 i thought aria should've stayed with him
 last name (ew)
 ew never liked him
 i wish she was still in the show, but emison forever
 he was really hot i wish he was a main character in the show
 last name (eh)
 3 different names acceptable (first and last)
 never liked her either
 glad he's dead lol oops
 last name
 first or last name
 2 different names acceptable
 first name (favvv)
 you got this far, here's a hint. his name starts with an L
 first name
 his last name is hobbs but reminds me of a fish
 awwww little seanyyy
 aria and him would actually be cute
 Principal... (two t's)
 ew no one liked her but if you did you can leave
 first name
 first name (didnt like her and toby at all, spoby forever)
 ew she was rude
 2 different names acceptable
 ew like leave
 i didn't like her either
 first name
 first name
 i forgot his significance in the show lol oops
 i miss him :(
 first name (the one from the photography place)
 her eyes were weird
 pedophile in my opinion
 first name
 wizards of waverly place heyy masonnn
 first name (he's actually really hot but irrelevant)

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