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When Ross tells Dr. Green not to go back for the receipt after dinner, what does he say is caused by the carbon on it?
According to Rachel, what happened to the little girl who tried too much too fast?
Where can you spill at Monica's?
What isn't allowed at Monica's, something that Chandler was so careful about?
Ross thinks dating a student isn't against the rules, it's just this?
Phoebe got 3 free tickets to an exhibit. The guys willingly gave up theirs before knowing what it entailed. It turned out to be nude pictures of lesbians, video games and what else
Once the cards are dealt, Ross is...?
According to Chandler, 'Joker' being 'Poker' with a J is this.
What poker hand does Rachel have that beats Ross's (or at least he lets everyone think she beat him)?
What game were the guys playing when Monica threw a plate?
What examples of one syllable foods does Joey suggest for Monica to serve at a poker game?
What does Joey tell Phoebe to do to break Chandler when they're pretending to like each other?
Regarding male nudity in a movie, who does Joey say he doesn't need to see frolicking?
Name one of the songs they saw the widow singing after she refused to pay Phoebe and Monica for their catering service.
What nicknames do Monica and Phoebe suggest for themselves for if they fought crime (after successfully catering)?
What two things does Monica set out on the table that makes Ross call her 'the BEST mom ever'?
What three items did the friends watch ugly naked guy break over the years?
What was Joey's one line in his porno movie?
What does Phoebe do to her attractive massage client when he wanted her to spend time on his sciatic area?
What did Joey say that made Kathy know that The Velveteen Rabbit was actually from Chandler?
According to Joey, Kate think she's the greatest actress since what?
When Chandler wants to convince Jack Gellar not to tell the story of the steam room anymore, he says he thinks the best way to do that is face to face, and by face he doesn't mean
Where is the fake party that Chandler tells Janice he's going to?
Who is the fake party for?
What does Chandler grab off the store shelf to bring to the party?

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