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Who did Nagini kill in the last movie
Where did Harry have a face off with Voldemort without his friends
How did Cedric die
What are the name of all the hogwarts rooms
Who is Harry's godfather
What is Neville's last name
Who are Harry's 2 friends
How many Harry Potter movies are there
Which house elf died
Who did Harry marry
Who did Ron marry
How did Hogwarts get destroyed
Who was the first kid to side with Voldemort
Who is the half blood prince
Who murdered Harry's parents
Who or what was the old woman that Harry and Hermione came across
Who slayed Nagini
Where did Harry find the sword of Gryffyndore
Who is the leader of Slytherin
Who is Harry's friend with long blond hair
Who saves Harry and his friends from the dungeon
When Hermione finishs talking to Voldemorts slave what does the engraving on her arm say

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