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Where do you catch Articuno?
Who runs the Game Corner in?
Name the three Pokémon that can only be caught in the safari zone?
What was the first Pokemon ever created?
What easter egg is hidden near the SS Anne?
Who is the leader of Team Rocket?
What color are Raichu's cheeks?
What two types is Gyarados?
Who is the leader of the Celadon City Gym?
Who is the leader of the Fuchsia City Gym?
Name the Elite Four in Order.
Where can you buy fresh water?
Where do you catch Mewtwo?
How do you obtain a Mew?
Where is the glitch pokémon Missingno. located?
What is the first item you receive in the game, after your pokémon?
What pokémon do you trade in Vermilion City in order to get a Farfetch'd?
What does the man on route 1 give you?
What are the only two pokémon found on route 1?
What is the 1st pokémon in the Pokédex?
What reason does the old man in Viridian City give for not letting you get by him? (Before you give Oak his parcel)
What pokémon can you catch in Viridian Forest in Red and Blue, that you cannot catch in Viridian Forest in Yellow?
What HM is Fly?
Where is the daycare located?
Name one non-electric pokemon that can be found in the powerplant in Yellow?

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