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French king who ruled France for 72 years- Known as the Sun King, signed the Edict of Nantes
German theologist who famously challenged the Church and its practices- Wrote the 95 Thesis
Book written by Hitler in prison that displayed his theories and ideas
One of the most famous facists and the leader of Italy during World War II- Executed after fleeing Italy in 1945
Document in which Charles V officially recognized Protestantism as an independent religeon
Russian czar famous for reforming and industrializing Russia in the early 1700s
Conquistador who conquered Peru and the Incas
A movement founded by Theodore Herzl that fought for Jewish rights and a homeland for Jews in the state of Palestine
Women's rights activist who wrote 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman' and believed a women's mind is as good as a man's
President of the United States during World War I- Famous for his Fourteen Points at the Treaty of Versailles
A military treaty with the Soviet Union and the Eastern European Nations in 1955
A palace constructed by Louis XIV that truely displayed France's wealth and beauty
A vow by the Third Estate to strive to create a constituion for France- Made after the Third Estate was kicked out of the Estates General
A form of government in which one ruler maintaines power and everyone is completely equal
Civil war in Russia that was fought between the Red Shirts and White Shirts after the abdication of Nicholas II
Laws made by Germany in 1935 that excluded Jews and prohibited relations of Jews with non-Jews
English scientist that summarized gravitional laws and was famous for his three laws of motion- Also apples...
English liberal theorist who wrote 'Two Treatises on Government'- was also famous for his idea of natural rights- life, liberty, and property
Scottish leader in the 1500s- famous for his leadership in Calvinism
led the 'Reign of Terror' during the French Revolution- headed by Maximillian Robespierre and mostly made up of the Third Estate
Nazi Leader of Germany from 1933-1945- Famous for 'Mein Kampf' book and the mass execution of innocent Jews in 'The Holocaust'
Forced Labor camps set up by Josef Stalin for those who opposed him
French King who ruled France in the late 1700s- Known for his overspending in the 'Diamond Necklace Affair' and awkward relationship with Marie Antoinette
Message sent to Mexico from Germany that promised support to regain Texas and Arizona with Mexican help in WWI- Propelled the U.S. into the war
The only son of Henry VIII- Very sick, and inherited the throne at age 9
Collapse of many colonial empires in the 1950s- countries of Asia and Africa gain independence
British Scientist who wrote 'Orgin of Species' and was famous for his theory of Evolution
Meeting called by the Catholics in response to the Protestant Reformation- Reorginized corrupt Catholic practices and reconciled with the Protestants
A major world conflict of Communism vs. Democracy- not much fighting, but heated competition between the main superpowers- Soviet Union and The United States
A protestant known for his founding of Geneva and his idea of 'predestination'- Wrote 'Institutes of the Christian Religeon'
Known as 'Sturm Abteilung'- Hitler's private army of supporters
Laws in Germany of 1819 that prohibited free speech and liberal ideas at universities
King of Ireland, Scotland, and England- Known for his conflicts with parliament that later led to his execution
The secret police of Lenin and his communists
A period during the 17th century in which philosiphes developed new ideas about all types of natural law and politics
Act passed in 1833- improved conditions and working hours for child factory workers
Leader of the factory workers who assembled in front of the czar's palace in January of 1905 (Bloody Sunday)
Prussian king known for incredible focus and improvement on the Prussian army- Known as the 'Soldier King'
A series of power struggles between French and English families 1337-1453- fought over the throne in France
Crazy king of England- Known for his many wives and desire for annulment of his marriage which led to conflict with the pope and establishment of the protestant Anglican Church

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