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Forced Order
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ArtworkArtistquarter century and period
The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist4/4 Feminist Art
Man Pointing2/4 Postwar Expressionism
Pink Panther4/4 Commodity Art
Still Life with Chain-Caning1/4 Cubism
Marilyn4/4 Superrealism
Street Dresden1/4 German Expressionism
Woman with a Hat1/4 Fauvism
The Dinner Party4/4 Feminist Art
Gertrude Stein1/4 Cubism
Big Self-Portrait3/4 Superrealism
Marilyn Diptych3/4 Pop Art
ArtworkArtistquarter century and period
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space1/4 Futurism
Wassily Chair2/4 Bauhaus
Vir Heroicus Sublimis3/4 Abstract Expressionism
Lavender Mist3/4 Abstract Expressionism
The Persistence of Memory2/4 Surrealism
Supermarket Shopper3/4 Superrealism
Improvisation 281/4 German Expressionism
Fountain1/4 Dadaism
Flag3/4 Pop Art
Vietnam Veterans Memorial4/4 Minimalism
Les Demoiselle d'Avignon1/4 Cubism

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