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Michael J. Fox's name?
His Father's name?
His Best Friend's name?
His other 'good' friend's name?
His 'Girl Friend's' name?
the 'Girl of his Dreams' name?
Rival 'Jerk'/Competition name?
Vice Principal's name?
Name of Teen Wolf's High School?
Basketball team mascot?
Teen Wolf's basketball jersey number?
Teammate(s) name on the basketball team?
Basketball Coach's name?
Rival Basketball team's mascot?
Teen Wolf's Rival's jersey number?
Nickname of the 'Van'?
Nickname given to the transformation into Teen Wolf?
What is the slogan on the Shirts being sold at school?
What Teen Wolf asks for at the liquor store?
Where does Scott first transform into the wolf?
The Teen Wolf hears a loud noise at his father's hardware store, what was the noise?
Name of the Song Teen Wolf rides on top of the fan?
What Teen Wolf quotes before Van Surfing?
What does Teen Wolf 'sniff' out in the garage for his buddy?
Name of the song played during the final Basketball District Championship?
Name of the Song playing while Teen Wolf is getting ready for the Spring Dance?
What does Teen Wolf ask his GF at the Spring Dance?
What does the Vice Principal do when encounter by Teen Wolf's dad?
What is the Saying(s) on Teen Wolf's friends shirt(s)?
What is the Final Score of the Championship game?
What color is Teen Wolf's basketball jersey?
What company sponsors the basketball jersey?
Whats the name of the Liquor Store?
Who played Teen Wolf in Teen Wolf Too?

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