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Name the States We Pass Through on our Roadtrip through the USA.

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The JourneyState
This land is your land, this land is my land from California to our starting point where we take in Lady Liberty and Central Park.
We head out on the 95 through Jersey for some cheesesteaks and a peek at the Liberty Bell.
O say can you see the birthplace of The Star-Spangled Banner? Good! Let's get some crabs by the Chesapeake.
I'm tired of stopping at every state. Let's cruise the open road south from the crack of dawn til late at night when we'll hit Disney World.
Too many roller coasters. Let's slow down in Dixie and find a Sweet Home to stay at.
Get ready to party! Time for Mardi Gras down in the bayou.
Whoa...a little woozy from that late night. Let's head to the stockyards and get a giant steak to settle me down. I'm gonna ask that Ranger which way to go.
Boy is it ever too hot down South sometimes. Glad we came up north to the Smokies to cool off. Tonight, we'll take in a concert at the Grand Ole Opry.
It went from cool to downright chilly. That's because it's always a bit nippy in Mammoth Cave. After this, let's cruise through the bluegrass hills.
All the greatest rockers are immortalized at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame here. Let's walk the lakefront today and hit the flats tonight for a good time.
Where better to get the car checked out than the Motor City? Lets take the loaner to Joe Louis to see some classic Motown.
The JourneyState
A bit of a haul today, but worth it to check out the Windy City. Let's see the Navy Pier then swing back into town to see a Seurat masterpiece.
So much driving. Let's take a few days off to go shopping. I know we can find the nation's biggest mall.
Now we're ready to see the wide open expanses west of the Mississippi. Let's start at the Gateway to the West and get a good look from the Arch.
It's a twister! It's a twister! Let's get out of tornado alley. We'll Dodge the storm in that City over there.
Getting light-headed way up here at the top of Pike's Peak. It'll be nice heading back down to the Springs.
1, 2, 3, 4! Four presidents. They're carved in that big ol' rock over there.
Too bad we couldn't spend more time at Devil's Tower, but it'd be a shame to miss Ol' Faithful. The Tetons are lovely this time of year.
It's the Pacific! Let's get a view of it from the Space Needle.
From the ocean to the desert. That was some weird stuff happening at Area 51. Time to kick it in Sin City.
I guess we've run out of USA. Park the car at Graumin's and we'll take the Walk of Fame into Tinsel Town. I had a great time, let's do this again!

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