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Can you name the Jumbled Up Pokémon? Each clue is an anagram of a Pokémon.

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Forced Order
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Say Rut
Guff Jig Ply
Icy Flair
Rut A Coin
Bro Volt
Ninth Mocha
Adopt Me
Luv Pix
Dude Ego
Hi Rad Czar
Kamala Za
Equine Nod
The Mow
A Nerd Charm
Me A Piper
Off King
Om Log
Her Cyst
Usual Barb
Oh Camp
Ham Camp
Log Bat
Reeled Cot
Sir Nip
Mark A Pig
On Ledge
Bell Ride
Lucking It
Pace Star
Re Quilts
Wiz Gene
He Moon TV
Dot It
Bell Face
Pro Bullets
Do Zaps
Growth Lie
Acne Rain
A Hard Sip
Duck Spy
Near Hut
Be Lit Clever
Eel Monarch
Eel Dew
A Bad Ark
Za Tub
I Pet Dog
Rain Don
Throw A Lip
Luck God
Prong Yo
A Pro Oven
In Triad
Hells Red
Pine Be Well
Raw Foe
Ion Helmet
Cyst Role
Geld Tit
A Rasp
Twiggy Luff
And Iron
Beats Soil
Mimer M
Cotton Ale
Or Dido
Loon Jet
Tug Ogre Ex
In Ox
Hon Dry
Decoy Altar
Hey Scan
Team Ion
Gram Ma
U Chair
Donate Rig
Rink Gel
HR Horny
Age Skin
A Receipt
Bro Owls
Draws Hens
Ou Odd
Warm Oak
Get Anal
Sly Tag
A Sniper
Pea Rows
Rid Onion
Yank Em
Irate Cat
Oak Tub
By Bark
Turtle Acne
Us I Vary
Raps La
Sad Orgy
Log Me
I Roll Whip
Wed Zero
Tiptoe God
Ask Khan Nag
Ms Aorta
Out Grid
Roaring Ad
Dye Pig
Mrs Tole
Egg Down
Nod In Air
A Hick Up
A Tar Tat
Draft Chef
As Dare
Level Mi Up
Polo Skew
Lorn Sax
A Roust
Fan Role
Suave Run
Un Kaka
Lever Rag
A Pig Owl
Lass Hands
On Magnet
Bop A Tusk
A Sentinel
Ham Coke
O Panty
Oven Tan
A Mister
Wet Mow
Ka Bro
Do Dish
Buzz Cat Eel
Ferret Tube
Re Grim
Met Enigma
Doing Ink
Law Retort
EE Eve
As Ken
Exec Get Ug

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