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Can you name all the correct answers in the Kyle's World 1 - 11 Quiz? Fan-Made Game

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When did Mini Kyle have Lily?
What Was game 5 called? Kyle's World ________________
How Does Mini Kyle 'grapple' from one place to another?
Who is Zebra's Wife?
Who is The Doctor's Son?
In game 6 (On The Run) Who is the third person who helps on the journey with the main crew?
Who Put Mini Kyle in his Coma?
Who is Karma Chameleon?
What Power does Orange Newt have?
Who Is The Doctor?
Who is Mini Kyle's New Friend?
Who is the News Reporter?
WHo is Grandstrunt?
Who has the sharp metal claw in their hand?
Who is Pie Guy?
Who did Mini Kyle Die?
Who is The News Reporter's CameraMan?
Is Taylor Dead?
What Animal Is Mini Kyle
Who Is A Space Alien that helps Mini Kyle and his friends on their adventures?
What Army Was Created To Kill Mini Kyle and His Friends?
Who is the Final Boss in game one?
Who is Marvin's Best Friend?
Who is a monster?
Who Is A Cop?
Who Is Ewok's Wife?
Did Snip Ever Become Queen?
Who Is Mini Kyle's Best Friend?
Who is the New News Reporter
Who is the owner of the Diamond Shelf's Dollar Store?
Who is The Creator Of Kyle's World?
Who did Mini Kyle have to kill in order to save the world?
Who Killed Blue Newt?
Who is Mile's First Son
Who Is Mini Kyle's Dad?

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