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The actual name of 'That Guy' from the episode Future Stock.
The first word of the first episode.
Finish this line:'Named for his uncle...'On Fry's nephew's tombstone.
What does Bender become dangerously addicted to?He has a lot of addictions but this one is the most harmful to everyone.
What large soft drink can is found on Planet Amazonia?
Whats that black cracker?
Who was living in the Maternifuge?
What is the name of the 34 year old Seer of the Tapes and Knower of the Episodes?
What is the height of Benders statue on Osiris 4?
What is the name of Fry's Grandpa?Before Fry became is own grandpa.
ClueAnswerExtra Hints/Clues
What or who is Fry named after?
Who pushes Fry in to the Cryogenic Tube?
Fry listens to this classical musician.Classical in the year 3000.
Fry owned this actors bones at one time.
Fry feels like he got mauled by...
Bender was doing well as God until...
Zoidberg's Doctorate is in...
Fry becomes temporary Emperor of...
'That Guy' dies of...
Fry has had at least 3 what?Due to drinking 100 cans of cola a week.

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