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Can you name the 1980's Sitcoms from the following descriptions?

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About a friendly alien hand puppet who lives with the Tanner Family
Four annoying women who are interior designers in Atlanta
Four more older annoying women living together in Miami
A prissy butler moves in with baseball announcer Bob Uecker
The biggest sitcom of the eighties centers around a black family in Brooklyn
Susan Saint James and Jane Curtin are two dicorced women raising their kids in New York
New York writer buys an inn in Vermont and encounters many crazy locals
Four annoying teenage girls at a private school in Peekskill New York
Midwestern photographer and his wacky european cousin, Balki, share an apartment in Chicago
Tom Hanks gets his start as one of two cross dressers living in an all-womens hotel
Sandy Duncan replaced Valerie Harper in year two of this inane show
Ricky Schroder starred as the kid you wanted to strangle living with his childlike father
Ted Knight plays the father of two hot daughters who live downstairs from him and his wife
Classic show about a Boston bar and the crazy people who frequent it
Michael J Fox got his start as a conservative teenager knocking heads with his liberal parents
Male housekeeper taking care of his daughter and a female ad executive and her son
Scott Baio is a college student in New Jersey taking care of three spoiled kids
Wise cracking butler takes care of an inept governor and his family
Two black kids move into an opulent apartment in New York City
A sequel to one of the best sitcoms in history, the title character buys a neighborhood bar
Judd Hirsch stars as a divorcee who attends a self-help group
After a seven year old black kid's parents are killed in a car crash, he is adopted by a clueless white couple
Adapted from a skit on the Carol Burnett Show, it set southern culture back 20 years
A black housekeeper is the voice of reason to a white police chief and his three daughters
A ridiculous premise about two straight fathers raising a daughter and they don't know who is the actual father
Judge Harry Stone presides over a courtroom filled with eccentrics
Soleil Moon Frye plays an abandoned young girl being raised by a foster parent
Show about a working mother and a stay at home psychiatrist raising three kids
Sarah Jessica Parker plays an awkward teenager trying to fit in at high school
This awful Happy Days spin-off follows two young lovers trying to make it in the music business

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