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You've just enough, in my own view education to perform
He watched the lesbian talk she kissed and groped but mostly talked in lust crushed
You act like you're so happy. You play the role so badly
He pulled a gun from his jacket, said I was going to die
You got a hole in your heart I'll find a four leaf clover
You look like a monkey scowling at me (ooh ooh aah aah)
You wanna show her that you love her but there's sex on ya mind
It's a thrill to see your imagination just watching you is an education
Hard up outta luck time to ride the village bike, a bike been used ten times or more
Those are models legs, but are they women's are they mens?
Inside, outside, upside, downside, see my face wanna take me home
I look around at a beautiful life, been the upperside of down, been the inside of out
She could go down on me in a theatre I'd stroke her head, look round over my shoulder
Told them she was playing, in the change room, of the local football side
They say the more you fly the more you risk your life
Got sun in my face, sleeping rough on the road.
Easy led, someone said give this stuff a try. Jenny tried.
You can find yourself a god. Believe in which one you want
Can karma kill you in your mind? Or do you cleanse your sould at least once a night?
I drive around all day, and kill processed fish
Wake up call, coffee and juice, remembering you
I want to stick him real hard with a kitchen knife
Rambling slow then to the LA marquis all the imitation folk

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