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InitialsTV Showclues
TPIRmoney, prizes
TCSfamily, professionals
Jquestions, answers
Bmagic, nose
Ddog, funny
CTJules, 40
FTliberal, conservative
GHLuke and Laura, Port Charles
WAGfriends, fanilows
AIcontestants, auditions
TMTMSnews, grant
AMCSusan Lucci, Pine Valley
DWTSperforming, couples
FMnerd, Chicago
TFOLboarding school, edibles
InitialsTV Showclues
ILLneighbors, show business
DHwomen, lane
SATCwomen, fashion
AITFpolitical, stifle
FHcomet, how rude
TBBkids, tiger
BMWteacher, Chubbys
FRembrandts, break
HAfootball, cartoon
SYTYCDjudges, performances
WWTBAMquestions, lifelines
TEDSinterviews, dancing
ELRsports, family
HDarnolds, leather jacket
SSbird, garbage

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