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A: Sitcom starring an extraterrestrial running from 1986-1990
B: Sitcom that was part of the TGIF lineup from 1993-2000
C: In the classic I Love Lucy episode, 'Job Switching', Lucy and Ethel worked in a factory producing what?
D: Youngest daughter on Roseanne
E: Sondra's husband on The Cosby Show
F: Happy Days character who was known for being cool
G: Soap Opera featuring the Quartermaines, Corinthos, Spencers, and Cassadines
H: Character in the Munsters played by Fred Gwynne
I: Actress who played The Jefferson's Louise
J: Friends' Chandler's girlfriend who always seems to reappear screaming, 'Oh my God!'
K: Last name of the family on Family Ties
L: Laverne and Shirley's Squiggy's roommate
M: Oldest daughter on The Brady Bunch
N: The butler on The Nanny
O: Last name of Archie Bunker portrayer
P: Rob and Laura's last name on the Dick Van Dyke Show
Q: Television Home Shopping Network
R: Name of the maid from The Jetsons
S: Hometown of Full House's Tanner Family
T: The Facts of Life character who started out on roller skates
U: Next door neighbor/ nerd on Family Matters
V: Actress who played Barbara Cooper on One Day at a Time
W: Next door neighbor on Home Improvement
X: Science fiction television series airing from 1993-2002
Y: Last name of surgeon on Grey's Anatomy played by Sandra Oh
Z: Last name of actor who played Steve on Beverly Hills 90210

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