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Can you name the F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Scrubs or Cougar Town??

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'He keeps a pencil in his neck fat so he's clearly smart.'
'It was working til you showed big tree!'
'You licked and you put!'
'I bet she plays tennis and writes thank you notes!'
'Pick up the sock, pick up the sock, pick up the sock!'
'It's bunny vs doody!'
'No, not candy lady!'
'Period math?'
'This is a small, very cold piece of carrot.'
'To get ahead, get a home!'
'I went to the zoo I'm a koala bear'
'Were you two dummies out in the yard again playing human whack a mole?'
'Eat the sword!'
'If it's not a right angle, it's a wrong angle!'
'It's half blanket and all comfy. It's my blumfy.'
'Imaginary hat.'
'I'm hearing the hate, but I'm not seeing the hate.'
'I nothing you'
'What is your favorite thing about trees?'
'You have no chance of being normal.'
'Ketchup is for winners!'
'Stop trying to make this into an 80s movie montage!'
'Why don't you try talking to humans for once? You might like it!'
'My heart already feels like there's a fat chick sitting on it'
'I am not a lollipop!'
'5 4 3 my anger is in a purple balloon and I let it go'
'Oh I'm just doing this thing where I use a slice of wisdom from someone else's life to solve a problem in my own life'
'Look at my rings, my rings, my rings!'
'Let's lady and the tramp this bitch!'
'Ahh salmon skin roll!'
'Do you like clicky bottoms or twisty tops?'
'It's a typewriter you jackass!'
'I think you should drink the fat!'
'He's trying to jump start my uterus!'
'I could kill you with my thumb!'
'Now if you're excited for a wedding today, let me hear you say wooo!'
'You're a spoon lickin bagel waster!'
'Are you really trying to tell me that thing like New Orleans, AIDS, sugar free ice cream, crack babies, Hugh Jackman, and cancer all happen for a reason?
'Everything that exists past, present, and future and all discovered and undiscovered dimensions.'
'If you talk again I'm going to eat you!'
'We have rat babies now!'
'How do expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?'
'Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present man not caring.'
'I have a new dance I made up. It's called the no no dance.'
'Why is there silverware in the pancake drawer?'
'No uterus no opinion!'
'Give a girl a uterus almost shot out!'
'It's right smack dab in the middle of the blue!'
'Doody to you sir'
'Damn all the jellyfish!'
'If I could, I'd have them shrink me down so small that I could live in your blood.'
'Help me to help you, help me to help you, help me to help you'
'I'd make you swear on a Bible, but I know how contact with holy stuff makes your skin sizzle..'
'Cause I'm sanding down my disgusting elephant heels. With all the shavings here I could make a second foot'
'How are you this tiny and this strong? You're like an ant'
'Why's your tv smell like doo doo?'
'Why does anyone have to be naked?!'
'We'll be starting with apples!'
'When I said I didn´t want to do anything tonight it didn´t mean I wanted to be alone while you acted like you just got a rose on the gay hillbilly version of The Bachelor'
'You just got pancaked!'

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