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Can you name the F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Scrubs, and Cougar Town?

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Name of Monica and Rachel's neighbor who constantly gets annoyed thinking they are making too much noise
Actress on Scrubs and Cougar Town who is married to the creator of the two shows
Name of the janitor's wife
Finish the COUGAR TOWN quote: 'Once you go Andy, all the rest are _____'
Laurie's friend who has seemed to have had a series of unfortunate events (ex. she no longer has legs)
Two Friends stars who made guest appearances on Cougar Town
What is Joey's favorite food?
Dr. Cox and Jordan's daughter's name
Name of girl Ross and Joey dated in The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress
Finish the FRIENDS line: 'I went to the zoo I'm a _____ _____'
Jules' middle name
City where Travis' girlffriend, Kirsten moved
Dr. Cox's middle name
Name of Ellie and Andy's son
Joey's agent
Name of Carla's brother who pretends to not know English
Inappropriate song Ross sings to Emma
Chandler's middle name
Doctor who J.D. and Turk think is crazy
Finish the SCRUBS line 'Let's face the facts about me and you _____ _____ _____'
Scrubs actress who is to appear on season 3 of Cougar Town as Bobby's girlfriend
Jules' mom's name
Woman who follows Jules around saying inappropriate things
Name of sitcom the writer who was diagnosed with lung cancer in the SCRUBS episode My Life in Four Cameras wrote for
Two Friends stars who appeared on Scrubs
Creepy neighbor on COUGAR TOWN
Actor who plays Dr. Kelso in Scrubs and Chick in Cougar Town
What Phoebe attempts to get a tattoo of
State where Elliot is from
Creator of Scrubs and Cougar Town who wrote on the first season of Friends
Actor who plays Ted on Scrubs and Cougar Town
Actress who plays Monica in Friends and Jules in Cougar Town

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