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Laurie's last name
Actress who plays Ellie Torres
Where Friends takes place
Ross' son's name
Where Ross has his conference and starts dating Charlie
Name of J.D and Turk's stuffed dog
Where Cougar Town takes place
Where Travis runs away to when Kirsten turns down his proposal
Creator(s) of Friends
Game played on Cougar Town
Annoying neighbor who lives under Rachel and Monica
Crazy Sacred Heart doctor
Actress who plays Phoebe Buffay
Creepy neighbor in the cul-de-sac
Game played on Friends while Joey is trying to write a script
Actress who plays Elliot Reed
Dr. Cox's nickname for Elliot
Ross' last name
Game played throughout Scrubs by JD and Turk
Ellie's nickname for Laurie
Show where this quote came from: 'The cushions are the essence of the chair!'
Name of Bobby Cobb's dog
Name of Chandler's father
Jules' profession
Name of Andy's brother
Creator(s) of Scrubs
Show where this quote came from: 'So's your face.'
J.D's son's name
Name of Rachel's dog while growing up
Grayson's daughter's name
Monica's profession
Name of Dr. Kelso's son
Show where this quote came from: 'To me, people are just bags of skin that slow down my day.'
Where the Janitor gets married
Ted's profession
Creator(s) of Cougar Town

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