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His nickname for J.D.
Name of pharmaceutical rep he dated before getting back together with his ex-wife
Name of his friend/ex-brother-in-law who died of leukemia
'Show me happy, sad, silly, amused, _____, _____. Show me angry'
Who does Perry send in to assist in the prenatal surgery on his daughter?
3 people on his never ever allowed in his office list when he becomes chief of staff
What does Perry's ex-wife throw in the water in the Bahamas when she gets mad at him?
Who is Perry's favorite medical student in Scrubs:Med School?
His nickname for Kelso
Name of his daughter
What doctor does he have a brief crush on prompting his ex-wife to change her hair color?
Who is Dr. Cox's daughter's godmother?
What are the names of Perry and his ex-wife's friends in My Own Personal Jesus?
Actor who plays Dr. Perry Cox
What color does Dr. Cox's son turn in My Way Home?
His favorite sports team
What food do he and his son throw at each other when he is having trouble controlling his anger?
What was the phrase one of the interns used that prompted Dr.Cox to put them in a time out?
What was the name of the doctor that slept with Dr. Cox's wife despite the fact that Dr.Cox was his mentor and confided in him with his marital problems?
Which restaurant's jingle did he and his ex-wife/wife sing to the doctor who messed up his vasectomy?
Name of the girl he thought died of a drug overdose, but actually died of rabies
What medical specialty does Dr. Cox think is the most ridiculous?
'Are you really trying to tell me that things like New Orleans, _____, sugar free ice cream, crack babies, _____ _____, and cancer all happen for a reason?'
What was on the pizza that Dr.Cox and Carla had on their date?
His nickname for Elliot
Whose divorce papers did Perry's get mixed up with making it so he and his ex-wife weren't actually divorced
'I realize that your heart is made up of _____ _____ , the souls of _____ _____and the _____ _____ you swallow everytime...'
What was the name of the drug addict that Dr.Cox allowed his ex-wife/wife to get conned by in My Rite of Passage?
'This 2nd one is for a big floppy hat that you are now to wear every single time you leave the house. Have a great day! You look like a _____'
What type of pen did Dr.Cox tell Kelso he just told Carla to order 100,000 of?
Where did Dr. Cox go to school for undergrad?
His son's first complete sentence
Dr.Cox shaved the side burns off a resident because his license plate said...
How many times did he get a vasectomy?
Name of Dr. Cox's friend whose son was discovered to be autistic
Entertainer who Dr. Cox hates
'I'm gagging and vomiting at the same time. I'm _____'
Name of his sister
'Should I list the reasons why? Well I don't see why not. It's your hair, your _____, your _____ face, you always need a _____'
Who tells Dr. Cox that he is the father of his ex-wife's baby?
What saying does Perry hate young people using?
His middle name
His nickname for Turk
Name of his son
'I suppose I could riffle a list of things I care as little about as our last week together...low carb diets, Michael Moore, the _____ _____ _____, kabbalah and all_____ _____ ____
Who was Dr.Kelso picking on prompting Perry to punch him?
What word did Dr. Cox use to replace the word 'hate' when he complained that people throw it around too much?
Where is Dr. Cox from?
'It's impossible to actually lie next to_____, seeing as she sleeps hanging upside-down from the ceiling, wrapped in a _____ of her own _____.'
Name of his ex-wife/wife

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