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What happens when someone gets an 'in and out' when playing penny can?
Who does Grayson say is Jules' celebrity crush?
Type of candy Jules put in her tea after breaking up with Jeff
Where does everyone go to bring Travis home after his girlfriend doesn't accept his proposal?
The name of Jules' therapist, Glenn's dog.
Actress who plays Jules Cobb
What is Laurie's twitter name?
What does Bobby want to rename Stan?
The two creators of Cougar Town
Who did Grayson dress up as for Halloween?
Which actor narrates Laurie's phone app that tells you what appetizer to order?
In Laurie and Bobby's pennycan ad, who does it say callers should ask for?
Actor who plays Tom
What does the inscription on Ellie and Andy's wedding rings say?
Actress who plays Laurie Keller
Actor who plays Grayson Ellis
Finish the quote: 'What kind of a skank wears a _____?'
Name of Travis' girlfriend who he brings home on Thanksgiving in season 1
Name of Grayson's ex-wife
Actor who plays Travis Cobb
Actor who plays Chick
Actress who plays Barb
Name of Andy's brother who is mad that Andy doesn't know spanish
Who did Bobby dress up as for Halloween?
Stan's nanny's name
Role played by Sheryl Crow
Name of Bobby's girlfriend when they play sardines in a can
Finish the line 'I'm gonna tell Jules that you're a spoon licking _____ _____'
Complete the blanks 'Brush your teeth, _____ _____ _____, check your nose just in case. Eat your breakfast _____ ____ _____. Take your pill so you won't get preggers.'
What did Laurie buy Jules for her birthday that prompted her to win Jules' gift contest
Finish the quote: 'I said soda not _____!'
What does Ellie call Laurie?
Finish the quote: 'To get ahead, get a _____'
Travis attends college 20 minutes away. In what state was the other college he was accepted to?
Who does Travis mostly write his high school graduation speech about?
Jules' response to Ellie's imaginary hat
Actress who played Angela Torres
Actor who plays Andy Torres
The name of Jules' blanket that is half blanket and all comfy
What type of wine do they refer to as thinking wine?
Finish the line 'Barf, I married a _____ _____'
Grayson's response to Ellie's imaginary hat
Actor who plays Bobby Cobb
Name of Travis' girlfriend who turns down his marriage proposal and moves to Chicago
What movie does Grayson let Jules watch him watch so she can see him cry?
State where Cougar Town takes place
Laurie's response to Ellie's imaginary hat
What is the consequence for a rim shot in penny can?
Actress who plays Ellie Torres
What does Ellie buy herself everytime she wins Jules' gift contest

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