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Forced Order
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Meaning of Laurie's chinese character tattoo
'Grayson and I are like _____. We're still sticking our toes in each other'
Name of Andy's brother
What Ellie buys herself when she wins Jules' birthday gift contest
'I'm only a(n) _____ _____. I'm not a perfect storm'
Andy's punishment from Ellie for telling a Stan story
Meaning of 'GAC'
Who Laurie dressed up as for Halloween
'I'm not predictable you say, perhaps it's true, but when you wake, here's what you do: _____ _____ _____, wash your face, check your _____ just in case'
Name of Travis' teacher who Bobby dates
Song Bobby and Andy listen to when playing Emotional Chicken
Jules' first wine glass
Name of Laurie's cake business
'You know, putting golf cart keys on a _____ keychain doesn't make it a _____'
Who the penny can ad says to ask for
The cul-de-sac crew's phrase for 'drinking wine'
Name of wine bar owner
Name of Laurie's friend who she dumped for dropping her favorite hat in a puddle
Grayson's ex-wife's name
Name of Laurie's army boyfriend
Name Jules gives the squirrel she accidentally hits with her car
At what concert did Laurie get defibrillated?
Name of town where cul-de-sac crew lives
Name of Bobby's boat
What Laurie says when she wants to throw up
'I said soda not _____'
How much money was in the red balloon that Bobby chased?
What Bobby would want to rename Stan if given custody
What Jules hides so Kylie doesn't leave on Thanksgiving
'To get ahead, get a _____'
Laurie's response to 'imaginary hat'
Name of Tom's wife
What is the name of the coffee that Laurie describes as 'black and extra strong and smooth but also very sweet'?
What Travis wants to be after graduating college
Name of the guy both Ellie and Laurie slept with
Ellie's mom's name
Name of Grayson's baby mama
What does Bobby build as a metaphor for approving of Jules and Grayson getting married?
'To me, people are just _____ _____ _____ that just slow down my day'
Who Ellie dressed up as for Halloween
'You can't hear the world laughing at you if _____ _____ _____'
What Jules thinks she will end up on the cover of magazines for
Name of Jules' big purse
'Jules, sometimes in a relationship, you have to _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____'
Bobby kept his license in a box marked...
Name of wine Sarah gives to Grayson
Any one of the phrases the cul-de-sac crew changes the meaning of
'It's half blanket and all comfy. It's my _____'
Movie Jules watches Grayson watch in order to see him cry
How do they get the pigs on the witness stand in pig trials?
'What kind of a skank wears a _____?'
Maximum sentence in pig trials
Jules' second wine glass
Network Cougar Town airs on for seasons 4 and beyond
What Jules comes up with to call your entire friendship into question and force your friend into doing something
Who wins Jules and Bobby's white t-shirt contest?
'I slept in a red t-shirt and yet there is a little bit of _____ _____ in here'
Every episode of Cougar Town is named after a song from this musician
Age Travis turned right before Jules And Grayson's wedding
Bobby's favorite beach activity
'If I could, I'd have them shrink me down so small that I could _____ _____ _____ _____'
Grayson's response to 'imaginary hat'
'5, 4, 3 my anger is in a _____ _____ and I let it go'
Name of Grayson's daughter (first and middle)
Name of hotel concierge in Napa who is infatuated with Ellie
'It's been a while since I wore a tie. I keep thinking someone's trying to _____ _____'
'_____ & _____ are in the gang, but they hardly ever hang. Unless it's when they're hangin ten 'cause they like to _____'
Phrase on Ellie's shirt in Hawaii
'Bad things started happening branches falling, windows breaking, _____ disappearing'
Penalty for rim shot in penny can
Jules' response to 'imaginary hat'
Animal Travis stops to look at landing him in the hospital with a helmet
Network Cougar Town aired on for seasons 1-3 (it's on a different channel now)
Jules' third wine glass
Name of song Sarah and Grayson sing

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