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100. Infamous for killing patients
99. Killed by Rancor
98. Spent 100 years trapped in cave
97. Skillful with blaster
96. Pilot in Star Tours
95. Is in the Tv movie with Ewoks
94. Rancor Keeper
93. Head of Otoh Gunga
92. From Video game, The Force Unleashed
91. Shot and killed by AT-AT
90. Last words were: 'I'm Alright'
89. Organ Player
88. Admiral in The Clone Wars
87. Shapeshifting bounty hunter
86. Afraid to go to the dark side
85. Imperial officer who became rebel agent
84. Not sure if he is good or evil
83. Began as Jedi Archeologist
82. First appeared in Heir to the Empire
81. Speaks Cryptic messages only
80. Killed by her own soldier
79. Is a Dark Jedi Dinosaur
78. Immune to Jedi mind tricks
77. Leader of Rebel Alliance
76. Has Face Tatoos
75. Cheating Pod-Racer
74. He is a Cyborg
73. Known as the 'Dark Lord of Pain'
72. Blood-Thirsty Bounty Hunter
71. Coffee pot headed bounty hunter
70. Survived a force choke
69. Jedi Master and General
68. On the Jedi Council
67. Has a giant head
66. Played cruel jokes
65. Co-piloted Millennium Falcon in the Battle of Endor
64. First appeared in Star Wars Gamer #3 - 'Bane of the Sith'
63. Jedi Master
62. One of the most powerful Jedis in the galaxy
61. Adopted the princess
60. Bounty Hunter
59. Introduced in the Clown Wars animated series
58. First female admiral
57. Most famous Toes
56.A deadly sith lord in the Old Republic
55. Took over a criminal empire
54. A farmer on Tattoine
53. Honored Sith Lord
52. Toughest Mandalorian
51. First appeared in Crimson Episode #1
50. In video game Jedi Power Battles
49. Uses a Lightwhip
48. Perfect Mustache
47. Leader of the Black Son Criminal Organazation
46. Killed by Solo
45. One of the first Sith Lords
44. Doesn't where robes, like a normal Jedi
43. Main character in The Clone Wars
42. Commander who turned evil
41. Waterproof Lightsabre
40. Like his father he was raised by his aunt and uncle
39. Watched the pod race
38. Does whatever his master wants
37. Has many lightsabres
36. One of the most skilled Clone Troopers
35. Cute ewok with a stick
34. Vaders secret apprentice
33. Had a lot of logic
32. Only Solo child to not go insane
31. Major villan introduced in the Clone Wars
30. Took on Obi-Wan Kenobi and survived
29.Fish looking man on the side of the rebels
28. Main Bad guy in KOTOR
27.Purple Lightsabre
26. Pilots the Outrider
25. Died after having children
24. One of the Rebel's greatest pilots
23. Female Dark Jedi
22. Changed from the dark side to the rebel forces
21. Got his head choped off
20. Died in The Phantom Menace
19. She was an almost assassin who became a Jedi
18. Could be Hero or Villian
17. Son of Solo who went bad
16. Double lightsabre
15. Crime Lord
14. Yellow Droid
13. Emperor of the sith
12. Name spoken in whisper
11. Military General
10. Alien who first appeared in Heir to The Empire
9. Wookie
8. Awesome Bounty Hunter
7. Kisses her brother
6. Blue and white Droid
5.Green mastermind
4. Main Character in 4-6
3. Killed by Vader
2. Marries Leia
1. Luke's Father

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