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Can you find out the song name to these deep cuts from famous bands)?

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I got my brown paper bag and my take home pay
Kickin down the road, feelin mighty slowed
I smoke my cigarette with style
Honey what you done to your head
Freeze said the man crusin' the beat
There's too much coke, and too much smoke
Too much is never enough
I was sittin at home all alone when i heard that telephone ring
Daddy was a Cajun raised on southern lands
You gotta see me leanin on the bar
If I could I surely would, Stand on the rock that Moses stood
Leaving the things that are real behind
Livin out her dreams, Rippin off my jeans
Life is so strange when its changin', yes indeed
I got a cruiser with a bimbo on the dash
Old San Andres, seven years ago
Once upon a crime i thought i was cool, but i dont wanna brag
Well get a long sweet little woman get along
Gonna turn up the heat, Gonna fire up the coal
Gonna find a way to cure this lonliness
She ate it, lordie it was love at first bite
The curse of love is the cause of the pain
Panties round your knees with your ass in debris
Bullshit and Contemplation, Gossip's their trade
The street is cold, The dawn is grey
Please, you were much to my surprise
Long ago in days untold
Took a jump through Mississippi, muddy water turned to wine
Ain't no woman in the world I know
I wanna wrap you in rubber
It ain't easy livin like a gypsy
New York City blues
Well well lordie my god, what do we have here
I stirred my coffee with the same spoon, Knew her favorite tune
Well you can always find a place to go, if youc can keep your sanity
Somewhere a clock strikes midnight
Left my job in my home town, and I headed for the smoke
Black shadow hangin over your shoulder

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