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Can you name the Causes and effects of the American Revolution??

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1-5 = Causes. 6-10 = EffectsCauses of the American Revolution
As long as the colonies kept buying raw goods from Britain, Britain did not monitor their trade carefully. This is called...
MOney money money money MOOOONEYYY!!
British closed Boston Harbour because of smuggling and the boston tea party
Kings no longer possess complete control over their countries. this signifies the end of a form of government known as
John and Samuel Adams create articles denouncing British soldiers (and eventually britain itself)
New form of warfare becomes popular. this is called...
The colonies now owed money to a new country (The British hated these guys)
The colonists now believed that with the Proclamation line no longer in effect, it was now their 'god-given' duty to expand westward. this idea is known as.... This is known as...
This document(s) loosely bound together the colonies.
Paul Revere painted a picture of this bloody conflict

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