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The Myth
The name 'Thor' doth originate in this language and mythology 
Aye, he is the God of this natural phenomenon 
He doth wield the mighty Mj√∂llnir, oftimes described as this type of tool 
Know ye that Thor traverses the skies in a chariot pulled by Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher, two of these animals 
Ere the time of Marvel, Thor's hair and beard were described as this color 
E'en in ancient myth, Thor was the son of this al-father 
The Thor of myth did take as his wife this 3-letter named goddess of the earth 
This common tree species did Thor consider sacred and mightier than all other trees 
'Tis foretold that Thor will die in Ragnarok, poisoned by Jormungand, this type of creature. 
Lo, the name of Thor yet lives! Immortalized in this chronologic eponym. 
The Marvel
In comics, Thor first appeared in a 1963 comic plotted by this man, who has a cameo in the film 
Thor was designed and first drawn by this legendary comic book artist 
Originally, this lame doctor 'became' Thor when he discovered Mj√∂llnir while escaping from aliens. 
Recycling mythology, this trickster god and half-brother of Thor became a regular nemesis 
Early on in his adventures, Thor became a founding member of this super-hero group 
Oftimes, Thor found himself in friendly rivalry with this Greek demi-god (Marvel spelling) 
Among Thor's Asgardian allies be Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim and Volstagg the Valiant, collectively known as this 
This horse-faced alien was also found 'worthy of the Power of Thor' 
In one of the oddest stories e'er told, Thor was transformed into this type of amphibian 
In recent stories, this homeland of Thor has been relocated... to Oklahoma 
The Movie
Actor who plays Thor in the 2011 movie 
This recent Oscar winner plays astrophysicist Jane Foster 
This actor, who also played Hannibal Lecter, has the role of Thor's father 
Perhaps better known for his Shakespearean adaptations, this actor directs the film 
As in both Iron Man films, Clark Gregg repeats his role of Phil Coulson, agent of this fictional organization 
Also appearing briefly in Thor is an 'Agent Barton', armed with a hi-tech bow, clearly this comic book hero 
In both the comics and movie, Thor refers to Earth by this name 
Among those credited with the storyline for the movie is this Babylon 5 creator.
(If you get his first initial and middle name, I'll give you the last.)
The casting of Idris Elba as Heimdall was considered controversial by some. Elba gained fame playing 'Stringer' Bell on this HBO series 
Stay after the credits to see an extra scene with Nick Fury. Both Fury and Thor's father wear this unusual item. 

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