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RankTitleYear - Director(s) - Description
11994 - Steve James - Following the lives of two high-schooler on the road to basketball scholarships
21988 - Errol Morris - the film uncovers evidence of corruption that frees a Texan convicted of murder.
31989 - Michael Moore - Moore tries unsuccessfully to interview the CEO of General Motors after the Flint MI plant is downsized.
42008 - Ari Folman - An Israeli director uses animation to reconstruct his part in the 1982 Lebanon invasion
52004 - Morgan Spurlock - Spurlock eats only McDonalds meals for a month
61993 - Hegedus / Pennebaker - Inside look at the 1992 Bill Clinton presidential campaign
71995 - Epstein / Friedman - History of the depiction of homosexuality in Hollywood films
82006 - David Guggenheim - Al Gore gives a lecture on the effect of global climate change
92008 - Deal / Lessin - The story of Hurricane Katrina as built around footage taken by survivors.
102005 - Werner Herzog - Animal activist is killed by the bears in Alaska that he wants to protect
111991 - Jennie Livingston - New York drag queens compete in drag balls
122002 - Michael Moore - After the Columbine massacre, Moore explores America's fascination with guns and violence
132003 - Errol Morris - Former Secretary of State Robert McNamara discusses the nature and lessons of Vietnam
142000 - Marc Singer - Homeless New Yorkers survive by living in subway tunnels
151994 - Terry Zwigoff - Biography of the underground comic artist behid 'Keep On Truckin'' and 'Fritz the Cat'
162002 - Padilha / Lacerda - A Brazilian takes a busload of passengers hostage, leading to a national crisis
172005 - Marshall Curry - Cory Booker attempts to unseat the long-term mayor of Newark, NJ
182008 - Kenner - The effect of corporate culture on the American food industry
192003 - Kevin McDonald - When two mountain climbers are separated in Peru, one must make a grueling journey to survive
202003 - Andrew Jarecki - A family's loyalties are divided when the father, a respected music teacher, is accused of child abuse
212010 - Banksy - The internationally known graffiti artist maintains anonymity by turning the camera back on a film maker profiling him
222006 - Kopple / Peck - An anti-Bush statement has huge repercussions to the Dixie Chicks career
232000 - Bailey/ Barbato - The life story of the wife of PTL televangelist Jim Bakker
241996 - Berlinger / Sinofsky - Three outcast boys are convicted on flimsy evidence for a triple child murder in West Memphis AR
252005 - Gibney - An energy corporation run by Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling goes from the top 10 US companies to bankruptcy due to corporate greed
RankTitleYear - Director(s) - Description
262005 - Rubin / Shapiro - Quadriplegics compete in a brutal full-contact Paralympic event
272003 - Jonathan Caouette - the director uses mixed media to describe his childhood raised by a schizophrenic mother
282010 - Josh Fox - Using 'fracking' to get access to American natural gas has unintended health and environmental consequences
292008 - James Marsh - In 1974, Philippe Petit attempts to walk from the top of one World Trade Center tower to the other on a tightrope
302004 - Michael Moore - Did the Bush administration use the Twin Towers attack to pursue an unjust war they already wanted to wage?
312006 - Ewing / Grady - A camp called 'Children on Fire' trains its attendees to become evangelical preachers
322001 - Stacy Peralta - The origin of extreme skateboarding through the story of the 1970s Zephyr team
331989 - Marlon Riggs - Black homosexuality as a revolutionary act
341992 - Berlinger / Sinofsky - An elderly illiterate man is charged with murder in the death of his brother in small-town New York state
352000 - Epstein / Friedman - Interviews with survivors of Nazi persecution of homosexuals, named for one section of the German Penal code.
362007 - Alex Gibney - An innocent Afghan cab driver is tortured to death in this examination on the use of torture by Americans
372010 - Charles Ferguson - How Wall Street practices caused the worldwide 2008 financial crisis
382005 - Luc Jacquet - Emperor penguins make their annual pilgrage to their breeding grounds under harsh conditions
392002 - Nick Broomfield - The East Coast/West Coast rap wars culminate in the murders of two hip-hop giants
401996 - Leon Gast - A look back at the 1974 Ali-Foreman boxing match in the Zaire 'Rumble in the Jungle'
412007 - Seth Gordon - Enthusiasts compete to set the record high score in Donkey Kong
422010 - Joost / Schulman - Schulman's brother travels to Michigan to meet '12-year-old Abby' whom he met on Facebook, with surprising results
432006 - Spike Lee - The effects and aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans
442008 - Anders Ƙstergaard - Burmese monks instigate protests against government suppression
451988 - Penelope Spheeris - A study of heavy metal music scene of the late eighties
461998 - Werner Herzog - Dieter Dengler's harrowing escape from a Vietnam prison, the basis for the fictional film Rescue Dawn
471999 - Kevin McDonald - A Palestinian terror group kidnap Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics
482002 - Burstein / Morgen - The life story of Paramount producer Robert Evans
491991 - Keshishian / Miceli - The backstage story of Madonna's 1990 Blond Ambition tour
502002 - Jeffrey Blitz - The stories behind 8 participants in the 1999 National Spelling Bee

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