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Can you complete the full song titles when the letters 'M-E-L-O-D-Y' have been removed?

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Without M-E-L-O-D-YFull song title% removed
ancing In Th ark16%
I Can't G Fr That (N Can )16%
Sing ais (Put A Ring n It)19%
Quit Paing Gas (With  Hart)21%
W in't Start Th Fir21%
I'  Anthing Fr v (But I Wn't  That)24%
Stp raggin'  Hart Arun24%
Kiss Fr A Rs25%
vrb Hav Fun Tnight31%
Back Bats31%
I Biv I Can F32%
Swt ras (Ar a f This)32%
n't u (Frgt Abut )33%
I Wanna anc With Sb (Wh vs )33%
Can u F Th v Tnight34%
I Just Ca T Sa I v u35%
Swt Chi ' in37%
Without M-E-L-O-D-YFull song title% removed
Wak  Up Bfr u G-G37%
u Giv v A Ba Na38%
Buvar f Brkn ras38%
vrb Wants T Ru Th Wr39%
Rck  Aaus40%
v Th Wa u i45%
If u v Sb St Th Fr47%
C n in57%
pir Stat f in35%
Ba Ranc36%
Sh rivs  Craz32%
Pur S Sugar n 33%
Kara Chan40%
Si-Char if41%
I' T Sx42%

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