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Can you name the answers to fill in these three movie-related Word Ladders?

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In order to maximize the number of movie-related clues, some clues refer to partial words. A blank within the underscore indicates a different word is starting. (However, the answer is always a legitimate 4-letter word.)
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Film #1:
(★★, 1987, Robert Downey Jr.)
►Word 1 of the heading's title◄ 
'Guarding ____'
(1984, Shirley MacLaine)
'Rabbit ____' (1978, Billy Crystal) 
'Please Don'_ ___ the Daisies'
(1960, Doris Day)
'All ____ Jazz'
(1979, Roy Scheider)
►Word 2 of the heading's title◄ 
'Now and ____'
(1995, Christina Ricci)
'____ Wolf' (1985, Michael J. Fox) 
Placed a ball as in 'Tin Cup' or 'Happy Gilmore' 
'Postcards From t__ __ge'
(1990, Meryl Streep)
'The Good Shep____'
(2006, Matt Damon)
'Last Action ____',
(1993, Arnold Schwarzenegger)
►Word 3 of the heading's title◄ 
Film #2:
(★★★★, 1967, Paul Newman)
►Word 1 of the heading's title◄ 
'The Last Ty____'
(1976, Robert De Niro)
'Children of the ____'
(1984, Linda Hamilton)
'The World Ac____ing to Garp'
(1982, Robin Williams)
'Green ____'
(1990, Andie MacDowall)
'Die ____ with a Vengeance'
(1995, Bruce Willis)
►Word 2 of the heading's title◄ 
'Alice in Wonder____'
(2010, Johnny Depp)
'The Little Girl Who Lives Down the ____'
(1976, Jodie Foster)
'The ____ House'
(2006, Sandra Bullock)
►Word 3 of the heading's title◄ 
Film #3:
(★★★, 1960, Marilyn Monroe)
►Word 1 of the heading's title◄ 
'When Harry ___ _ally'
(1989, Meg Ryan)
'The ____or Man'
(1993, Robert Townshend)
'Tarzan and His ____'
(1934, Maureen O'Sullivan)
►Word 2 of the heading's title◄ 
'Pat and ____'
(1952, Spencer Tracy)
'In ____ Flint'
(1967, James Coburn)
'You Only ____ Twice'
(1967, Sean Connery)
►Word 3 of the heading's title◄ 

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