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Can you name the films that got 2 or more Oscar nomination for acting but no other nominations?

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Year: Oscar nominees
(L) = Lead, (S) = Supp, Winner
2014: Reese Witherspoon(L)
Laura Dern(S)
2013: Meryl Streep(L)
Julia Roberts(S)
2012: Joaquin Phoenix(L)
Phillip Seymour Hoffman (S)
Amy Adams (S)
2011: Michelle Williams(L)
Kenneth Branagh (S)
2009: Morgan Freeman (L)
Matt Damon (S)
2009: Helen Mirren (L)
Christopher Plummer (S)
2008: Mickey Rourke (L)
Marisa Tomei (S)
2005: Charlize Theron (L)
Frances McDormand (S)
2004: Clive Owen (S)
Natalie Portman (S)
2003: Benicio Del Toro (L)
Naomi Watts (S)
2002: Jack Nicholson (L)
Kathy Bates (S)
2001: Judi Dench (L)
Jim Broadbent (S)
Kate Winslet (S)
2001: Will Smith (L)
Jon Voight (S)
2001: Denzel Washington (L)
Ethan Hawke (S)
2000: Ed Harris (L)
Marcia Gay Harden (S)
2000: Joan Allen (L)
Jeff Bridges (S)
1999: Sean Penn (L)
Samantha Morton (S)
1999: Hilary Swank (L)
Chloƫ Sevigny (S)
1998: Nick Nolte (L)
James Coburn (S)
Year: Oscar nominees
(L) = Lead, (S) = Supp, Winner
1998: Emily Watson (L)
Rachel Griffiths (S)
1994: Miranda Richardson (L)
Rosemary Harris (S)
1993: Angela Bassett (L)
Laurence Fishburne (L)
1991: Robert De Niro (L)
Juliette Lewis (S)
1991: Laura Dern (L)
Diane Ladd (S)
1987: Jack Nicholson (L)
Meryl Streep (L)
1982: Jessica Lange (L)
Kim Stanley (S)
1982: Glenn Close (S)
John Lithgow (S)
1981: Marsha Mason (L)
James Coco (S)
Joan Hackett (S)
1980: Robert Duvall (L)
Michael O'Keefe (S)
1980: Ellen Burstyn (L)
Eva Le Gallienne (S)
1979: Peter Sellers (L)
Melvyn Douglas (S)
1979: Jill Clayburgh (L)
Candice Bergen (S)
1976: Sissy Spacek (L)
Piper Laurie (S)
1973: Joanne Woodward (L)
Sylvia Sidney (S)
1972: Eddie Albert (S)
Jeannie Berlin (S)
1970: James Earl Jones (L)
Jane Alexander (L)
1968: Alan Arkin (L)
Sondra Locke (S)
1968: Jack Albertson (S)
Patricia Neal (S)
Year: Oscar nominees
(L) = Lead, (S) = Supp, Winner
1965: Laurence Olivier (L)
Frank Finlay (S)
Joyce Redman (S)
Maggie Smith (S)
1963: Richard Harris (L)
Rachel Roberts (L)
1962: Geraldine Page (L)
Ed Begley (S)
Shirley Knight (S)
1959: Susan Kohner (S)
Juanita Moore (S)
1953: Ava Gardner (L)
Grace Kelly (S)
1951: Jane Wyman (L)
Joan Blondell (S)
1950: James Stewart (L)
Josephine Hull (S)
1949: Jeanne Crain (L)
Ethel Barrymore (S)
Ethel Waters (S)
1947: Michael Redgrave (L)
Rosalind Russell (L)
1947: Loretta Young (L)
Charles Bickford (S)
1946: Jennifer Jones (L)
Lillian Gish (S)
1945: John Dall (S)
Joan Lorring (S)
1944: Bette Davis (L)
Claude Rains (S)
1944: Greer Garson (L)
Agnes Moorehead (S)
1937: Robert Montgomery (L)
Dame May Whitty (S)
1937: Barbara Stanwyck (L)
Anne Shirley (S)
1932: Alfred Lunt (L)
Lynn Fontanne (L)

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