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Imagine a universe where every TV comedy used the main characters from Seinfeld. You might see plots like these. Name the series which could have crossover plots with Seinfeld.

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SynopsisCrossover Series
George buys a used car, but every station on the radio sounds like his mother's voice.
Jerry gets increasingly agitated when a cheese shop owner claims he's out of stock.
George has similar problems trying to return a defective pet bird.
Elaine recommends that a new-money oilman invest his money in the Kenny Rogers' Roasters chain.
Kramer goes into the cement pond business.
Elaine claims sexual harassment on a job interview because the news show producer said she had 'spunk'.
Jerry admits to George that the 'Elaine!' he called out during sex with a female cab driver of that name
was actually the wrong Elaine.
Jackie Chiles sues a radio station on George's behalf
when a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway goes horribly, tragically wrong
On the day before his gig, Jerry can't figure out in which state the 'Springfield' he's booked is located.
In an extended flashback, Jerry explains to his relatives why he never married Elaine.
Kramer gets a job at a bank but can't explain what he does there.
Jerry & George discover the film studio executive who rejected their script is a teenage girl.
Kramer buys a stair car. Elaine breaks a tooth on a frozen banana.
George's attempts to rescue the castaways by riding on the back of a whale, but his plans go awry
when Kramer gets a coconut stuck in the whale's blowhole
At a Postal Service convention, Newman makes a new archenemy: a know-it-all postal carrier from Boston.
When Kramer goes 'au natural' in his apartment,
his trendy neighbors on a higher floor nickname him 'Ugly Naked Guy'.
Kramer suspects his favorite soup restaurant is a KAOS front to sneak Nazis into the country.
Jerry's guest appearance on TGS is cancelled after he does a commercial for a non-GE microwave.
Jerry & George pretend they're transgender
(not that there's anything wrong with that!)
to move into a cheaper all-women's residence.
Jerry buys corn seed from Mr Haney, but Elaine suspects it's genetically modified.
Kramer claims his pet pig has an IQ of 130.
When Elaine gets into a dispute with a Scranton paper company,
the entire J Peterman catalog print run gets cancelled.
Hijinx ensue when Elaine's identical cousin from England arrives.
Jerry reports the bus driver across the hall for suspected wife-battering, but the driver's wife defends him.
George calls a radio shrink for advice on how to win 'a contest', and is mortified when the psychiatrist's brother identifies him on the air.

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