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Can you name the links in the longest-known minimal length word ladder between any two dictionary words?

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Notes: 1) By "minimal", it means that using traditional word ladder rules, there is no chain of words that can connect these two words in FEWER steps. 2) I have not used the definitions from the original source as the dictionary definitions often give away some form of the word. 3) McLoone has noted that his dictionary does not include a number of verb forms (e.g. shorter words with -S, -ED or -ING added), meaning it should be theoretically possible to create a shorter ladder between these words.
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Cash alternative
Two fives for a ten
Original Monopoly space with a one-word name
Of uncertain outcome; fraught with risk
A rhythmical work song for sailors (Variant spelling)
Small crude shelter used as a dwelling
European scaleless blenny
Game often played on Canadian streets in winter
The characteristic sounds made by a horse
Habitually complaining
A complainer
More common term for periorbital hematoma
Shake, as from cold
Morning machine for many men
Not a portion hog
Everest or Matterhorn climber
Controversial white pelt harvester in the arctic
Medicine man
Football pass or shot that doesn't involve the feet
Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
Melt down fat to create lard
Apartment dweller, usually
Bombastic speaker
More foul
Have a yen for
Computer security nemesis
Small striped eastern American squirrel with cheek pouches
Hair on the back of the neck. It might raise if you're angry
Disturb a stand-up comic
In paper making, a frame used to mold pulp into sheets
These divide a statistical distribution into ten equal sections
Desecrate or tarnish
Give the meaning of a word
Make more complex, intricate, or richer
Express discontent
Plunder or despoil, as a country in warfare
Narrow gully often caused by water erosion
Dancing to drum-and-bass or techno
Capturing cattle or horses with a lasso
Dealing with (a problem)
Kind of attraction seen at a theater
Type of pigeon
Hulled corn sometimes used in making grits
Sunday sermon
Not particularly attractive
Particularly attractive
Movie genre that rarely wins Oscars
Medical term for a blackhead or whitehead

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