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Each 5-letter answer in this word ladder of movie titles differs by TWO letters from the answers above and below. (See HOW TO PLAY for more info.)

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Movie titleWordUP-hint / DOWN-hint
'Courage _____ Fire' (1996)
'_____ Management' (2003)
'The _____ Sanction' (1975)
'Ghost _____: Spirit of Vengeance' (2011)
'Hacksaw _____' (2016)
'_____ Dredd' (1995)
'The _____: Election Year' (2016)
'The _____ of the Were-Rabbit' (2005)
'The _____ Whisperer' (1998)
'Star Wars: The _____ Awakens' (2015)
'The _____-Year-Old Virgin' (2005)
'Sausage _____' (2016)
'After _____' (2013)
'_____ of the Penguins' (2005)
'_____ Adams' (1998)
'James and the Giant _____' (1996)
'The ____ Beyond the Pines' (2012)
'12 Years a _____' (2013)
'Wanted: Dead or _____' (1987)
'AVP: _____ vs Predator' (2004)

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