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BACKGROUND: In the days before “NOW, That’s What I Call Music”, a small Canadian company called King Telephone got the idea of putting 20 or more recent hit singles by different artists and putting them on one all-hit album. Unlike other companies albums that used sound-alike tracks by mostly unknown studio musicians, this company licensed the hit singles from the major record labels. These albums could honestly be described as containing “Original Hits by Original Artists”. They just weren’t original lengths. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you put 20 or more songs on a vinyl 12-inch, the average track can barely be above two minutes. So tracks were savagely trimmed for time. They took Derek & the Dominoes’ 7-minute version of “Layla”, cut out nearly the entire instrumental intro and all the guitar/piano work at the end and squeezed it into about 2 minutes. Don McLean’s “American Pie” shrank from nine minutes to about two and a half. The average play time on a track was cut by half. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That’s what I’ve tried to replicate in this quiz. All the clues are hit singles between 1970 and 1975 with the first 20% and the last 20% of the title cut off. So the shorter the clue is, the shorter the actual title. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Examples: “Love Will Keep Us Together” would be cut back to “ll Keep Us T”. “War” by Edwin Starr would be reduced to just “a”. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And King Telephone? They followed their own lead and shortened their name to K-TEL.
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Partial Song TitleOriginal Hit!Original Star!
eat-It's A Lo
on't Lose That
ht Train To G
' In The Boy'
ng And Windin
ur Hand In Th
ld Me (Not T
Could Read M
e Yellow Bric
e Me Feel Br
u Never Been
lbert / Admiral
n't Get Hooke
od I'm A Coun
u Ever Seen T
n The Middle W
Stronger Ev
o Mountain High
ot Just Anothe
Rains In Southern C
They Drove Old D
You Mend A Brok
neumonia - Boogie W
w Ribbon Round The O
Partial Song TitleOriginal Hit!Original Star!
Days And Wasted
Over Trouble
n' On Heaven'
et It Out Of
ing To Take So
The Way Of Th
ck The Hands
all Us, We'll C
Go Round In
To What The M
he Next Teardr
Home, Countr
Don't Know Me
p In Love This
ou And A Dog N
u're Hot, You
To Use My Ima
s Keep Fallin' On
The Sunshine Of
Me Softly With
Be I'm Falling
t The Sun Go Do
Heavy, He's My
ou Is Wrong) I Don't Want

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