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Can you name the answers to these tough trivia questions based on the 2013 Oscar nominations?

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ArgoOne of the characters in Argo is Jack Kirby, who in real life also shares creator credit on what other Oscar-nominated film this year?
Beasts of the Southern WildQuvenzhané Wallis, age 9, shattered the record for youngest Best Actress nominee that was previously held by Keisha Castle-Hughes for what film in 2004?
Django UnchainedShould 'Django' win Best Picture, it will be the fourth 'Western' (film set in US West, circa 1840-1910) to do so. Name any of the other 3 Best Picture winners that fit that description.
Les Misérables
Both these titles are in French. What was the last film with a French title to get a Best Picture nomination. Hint: It was, like Les Miz, a musical retelling of a film that had previously been nominated for Best Picture as a straight drama.
Life of Pi'Life of Pi' is based on a book by Canadian author Yann Martel. What is the only Best Picture winner to date that is based on a book by a Canadian author? (The author was Michael Ondaatje, if it helps.)
Lincoln (I)While 'Frost/Nixon' contained the name of an American President, what 1991 Best Picture nominee was the last named after a specific US President?
Lincoln (II)Daniel Day-Lewis is the second actor to be Oscar-nominated for playing Abraham Lincoln. Who was the first?
Silver Linings Playbook (I)This film is set in Philadelphia. What was the last Best Picture to be set in this city? (Hint: It wasn't either 'Philadelphia' or 'The Philadephia Story'.)
Silver Linings Playbook (II)'Playbook' was nominated in all 4 acting categories. The last time that happened was in 1981 for what film?
Zero Dark ThirtyThis is only the 3rd time in Oscar history that a Best Picture nominee starts with 'Z'. The second time was a film titled just 'Z'. What was the first 'Z' Best Picture nominee?
Hugh Jackman or Jennifer LawrenceIf either of these two win, they will be the third Oscar-winner to also play a member of the X-Men. Name either of the two current Oscar-winning X-Men.
Sally FieldUntil this year, Sally Field was one of only 6 people in Oscar history to be nominated for an acting Oscar exactly twice in their career and won both times. Give the LAST NAME of any of the other five. (Hat tip to Ken Jennings for this question.)
SkyfallIn the long history of Bond films, this is only the 4th to get a nomination for Best Original Song. Name one of the previous 3 Bond themes to be nominated.
The Master'The Master' has 3 acting nominations and no other nominations at all. The last time that happened was in 2001, when Judi Dench, Jim Broadbent and Kate Winslet were all nominated for what film?
Three-timersIf Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, Sally Field or Robert De Niro win, they will join a very select group of actors & actresses who have won 3 or more acting Oscars. Give the LAST NAME of any other person to do so.
CooperIf Bradley Cooper wins best actor, he will be the second 'Cooper' to win a Best Actor Oscar. (Gary Cooper won two.) What is the only other family name to claim two Best Actor Oscars?
???What previous Best Picture nominee title can be found by adding a single letter to the name of one of this year's Best Picture nominees?

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