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QUIZ: To celebrate my 1000th contributed quiz, identify the word, name or phrase with 'Grand' in the answer.

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Ralph Fiennes starred in and Wes Anderson directed this 2014 film that won 4 Oscars
Horses must jump 30 fences in this Liverpool race, held annually since 1839.
In US law, the theft of over $400.00 in most states, but in Virginia any theft over $5.00.
As of 2017, Luxembourg is the only country that qualifies as this type of state.
Translating as 'Big Puppet', this type of French theatre specialized in depicting blood and horror onstage.
Styx introduced 'Come Sail Away' on this 1978 album that shares its title with Jean Renoir's 1937 classic film.
Pioneering hip-hop DJ work for the Furious Five on tracks like 'The Message' earned HIM a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Traditionally, this European rite of passage began in England and included trips to cultural centres of Paris and Rome.
This American folk artist didn't start painting as a career until she was 78 years old.
This 1932 Greta Garbo/ John Barrymore film won the Oscar for Best Picture, the only nomination the film got!
A large pendulum-driven upright timepiece, frequently with elaborate exterior woodwork.
This type of seizure features usually include a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions.
A four-word phrase (usually preceded by 'In the...') that means 'all things considered'.
This 'Side To Side' singer with a four-octave range got her start on the Nickelodeon show VICTORiOUS in 2009.
One of the richest ocean fishing sites, these shallow underwater plateaus are located off the shore of Newfoundland.
George M. Cohan introduced this patriotic 'standard for a standard' in his 1906 musical, George Washington Jr.
Jeff Goldblum plays this gambling-addicted 'Elder of the Universe' in Thor: Ragnarok

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