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Can you name the words, names or phrases that include 'PEACE'?

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A mainstay of high school English courses, this John Knowles novel is set in a pre-WWII New England Prep school.
Absence of mental stress, or a track from the debut album by Boston.
After starring in Meatballs (1978) and My Bodyguard (1980), this Canadian teen's acting career pretty much fizzled out.
British PM Neville Chamberlain famously and mistakenly annouced in 1938 that the Munich Agreement he signed with Hitler guaranteed this.
Count Pierre Bezukhov is the central character in this mammoth novel by Leo Tolstoy.
Founded in Canada in 1971, this environmental action group is best known for their at-sea protests of whaling and French nuclear testing.
In Judiasm, any sacrifice to God. More colloquially, a gift to mend a rift.
In Latin, Requiescat in pace. It commonly appears on Catholic graves.
Led by singer Raine Maida, this Canadian alt-rock band are best known for the tracks 'Starseed', 'Superman's Dead' and 'Somewhere Out There'.
Last line of the first verse of 'Silent Night'
Isaiah 9:5 prophesizes the coming of this child, believed by many to be Jesus.
Legal official below the status of a judge, who often rules on midemeanor cases and can perform civil marriages.
Practising on the tuba at 3 in the morning in a residential neighborhood might lead to you being charged with this.
Since its formation in 1961, over 200,000 young Americans have volunteered to work abroad for this organization.
The calumet, a ceremonial smoking device used in aboriginal treaty ceremonies, is often misnamed this.
The third and least successful single released from the debut album by Eagles.
Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are the only US Presidents to receive this international award.
This 1997 George Clooney-Nicole Kidman thriller was the first film released by DreamWorks.
This BC-Alberta waterway has twice the flow rate of the Nile.
Tommy Smothers is one of the background singers in this John Lennon single recorded in a Montreal hotel room.

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