Palindromic Word Pairs II

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Can you name the pairs of words where the 1st word (eg: STAR) is spelled backwards to get the 2nd word (eg: RATS)?

Featured Nov 25, 2009

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Left-to-right clue (Length)Word pairRight-to-left clue (Length)
Catch red-handed (3)UN Secretary-General Ki-Moon (or his deodorant) (3)
Boast or blow one's horn (4)Clothing; uniforms; duds (4)
Eager or enthusiastic, like a golfer or reader (4)Calling Selena Gomez one is a bit much (4)
Part of Chicago or of thrill rides (4)Office wagering (4)
Many are named Buddy, Max or Princess (4)Dance move or ladder rung (4)
Shrek, for one (4)Therefore (4)
Added booze to the punch (5)Windshield sticker (5)
Easily taken advantage of,
like someone who'd pay $3 for a bottle of water (5)
A $3 bottle of water (5)
New Jersey hockey player (5)Existed or resided (5)
Stood up to (5)Joltless java (5)
This may get bent when you drink (5)Side-effects of kissing frogs? (5)
A kind of magnetism (6)Thin sheet or veneer (6)
Role for Hoffman or Streep (6)Make an observation or rescore a test (6)
Often offered for information about a bank robber (6)Artist or part of a chest (6)
Post-game wrap-ups (6)Dental device to separate teeth (6)
'HELLO I'm…' sticker (7)He checks your ID before entry (7)
To revise (4)Motion in the ocean (4)
Highest peak in the Rockies (6)Stereo high-frequency setting (6)
Email woe or a popular Monty Python sketch (4)Used to find one's way, I prefer Google's version (4)

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