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Can you name the people who won an Oscar in one category & won/were nominated in a significantly different category?

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Nomination 1 (*=Win)Oscar WinnerNomination 2 (*=Win)
Producer (12 Angry Men)Actor (On Golden Pond)*
Original Screenplay (Hannah and Her Sisters)*Actor (Annie Hall)
Director (Ordinary People)*Actor (The Sting)
(The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)*
Original Song
(The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)*
Producer (Argo)*Original Screenplay (Good Will Hunting)*
Original Screenplay (Citizen Kane)*Actor (Citizen Kane)
Director (Life Is Beautiful)Actor (Life Is Beautiful)*
Original Score (Limelight)*Actor (The Great Dictator)
Producer (Hamlet (1948))*Actor (Hamlet)*
Producer (Argo)*Supporting Actor (Syriana)*
Director (Dances With Wolves)*Actor (Dances With Wolves)
Producer (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)*Actor (Wall Street)*
Director (Treasure of the Sierra Madre)*Supporting Actor (The Cardinal)
Producer (The Alamo)Actor (True Grit (1969))*
Director (Reds)*Actor (Bugsy)
Original Song (Evergreen)*Actress (Funny Girl)*
Producer (12 Years A Slave)Actor (Moneyball)
Director (Madame X)Actor (A Free Soul)*
Producer (Rachel, Rachel)Actor (The Color of Money)*
Producer (Unforgiven)*Actor (Million Dollar Baby)
Producer (Julius Caesar (1953))Supporting Actor (The Paper Chase)*
Adapted Screenplay (Sense and Sensibility)*Actress (Howard's End)*

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