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Can you name the the next 5 words from these songs written by Sting?

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I won't share 
you with 
another boy. 
I know my mind 
is made up 
Fields of Gold
Will you stay with me? 
Will you be my love? 
Among the fields 
of barley 
We'll forget the 
Message In a Bottle
Woke up this morning. 
Dont believe 
what I saw. 
A hundred billion 
Invisible Sun
It's dark 
all day 
and it 
all night 
Don't Stand So Close To Me
It's no use. 
He sees her. 
He starts to 
shake and cough 
Just like the old man 
Synchronicity II
Another working day 
has ended. Only the  
rush hour hell to face. 
Packed like lemmings 
into shiny metal boxes. 
King Of Pain
There's a rich 
man sleeping 
on a golden bed. 
There's a 
skeleton choking 
Every Breath You Take
I dream at night, I 
can only see your face 
I look around but 
its you I can't replace. 
I feel so cold and 
Spirits in the Material World
Our so-called leaders 
speak. With words 
they try to jail you 
They subjugate 
the meek, But 
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
But my silent 
fears have gripped 
me. Long before I 
reach the phone. 
Long before 
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
You can't 
control an 
Can't tear 
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Vanish in the air 
you'll never find me. 
I will turn your 
flesh to alabaster 
Then you'll find 

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