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Can you name the 100 most successful (in ratings) US prime-time TV series based on a formula that includes viewership & longevity?

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RankSeriesGenre (Network, Years)
1News magazine, (CBS, 1968-present)
2Crime procedural, (CBS, 2003-present)
3Western, (CBS, 1955-1975)
4Comedy/Variety, (CBS, NBC, 1951-1971)
5Crime procedural, (CBS, 2000-2015)
6Talent contest, (ABC, 2005-present)
7Talent contest, (FOX, 2002-2016)
8Medical drama, (NBC, 1994-2009)
9Western, (NBC, 1959-1973)
10Medical drama / Prime-time soap, (ABC, 2005-present)
11Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1971-1983)
12Anthology (Drama, animation, nature), (ABC, NBC, CBS, 1954-1990)
13Variety, (CBS, 1948-1971)
14Pals sitcom, (NBC, 1994-2004)
15Pals Sitcom, (CBS, 2007-2019)
16Family/Work sitcom, (CBS, 1962-1974)
17Reality contest, (CBS, 2000-present)
18Mystery, (CBS, 1984-1996)
19Workplace Sitcom, (CBS, 1972-1983)
20Family/work Sitcom, (ABC, 1988-1997)
21Workplace Sitcom, (NBC, 1982-1993)
22Prime-time soap, (CBS, 1978-1991)
23Crime procedural, (CBS, 2005-present)
24Family Sitcom, (NBC, 1984-1992)
25Family/work Sitcom, (NBC, 1993-2004)
26Family Sitcom, (CBS, 2003-2015)
27Family/work Sitcom, (CBS, 1960-1968)
28News magazine, (ABC, 1978-present)
29Crime procedural, (NBC, 1990-2010)
30Family Sitcom, (ABC, 1991-1999)
31Crime procedural, (CBS, 2009-present)
32Crime procedural, (CBS, 2002-2012)
33Crime procedural (CBS, 2010-present)
34Comedy/Variety, (CBS, NBC, 1950-1965)
35Pals Sitcom, (ABC, 1977-1985)
36Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1951-1961)
37Family Sitcom, (ABC, CBS, 1953-1971)
38Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1962-1971)
39Quiz show, (NBC, 1950-1961)
40Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1996-2005)
41Family/Pals Sitcom, (ABC, 1974-1984)
42Prime-time soap, (ABC, 2004-2012)
43Game show, (CBS, 1952-1967)
44Crime procedural, (NBC, 1952-1970)
45Talent contest, (CBS, 1948-1958)
46Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1975-1985)
47Pals Sitcom, (NBC, 1990-1998)
48Talent contest (NBC, 2011-present)
49Crime procedural, (CBS, 1968-1980)
50Comedy/Variety, (CBS, 1952-1970)
51Crime procedural, (ABC, 1993-2005)
RankSeriesGenre (Network, Years)
52Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1975-1984)
53Pals/Family Sitcom, (NBC, CBS, 1985-1993)
54Crime procedural, (CBS, 2002-2009)
55Pals Sitcom, (ABC, 1976-1983)
56Comedy/Variety, (NBC, ABC, 1948-1967)
57Family/Workplace Sitcom, (NBC, 1972-1977)
58Workplace Sitcom, (CBS, 1988-1998)
59Crime procedural, (NBC, 1999-present)
60Workplace Sitcom, (CBS, 1964-1970)
61TPrime-time soap, (ABC, 1981-1989)
61TFamily/Work Sitcom, (CBS, 1976-1985)
63Western, (NBC, ABC, 1957-1965)
64Reality comedy , (CBS, NBC, ABC, 1948-2005)
65Pals Sitcom, (NBC, 1987-1993)
66Family Sitcom, (ABC, CBS, 1960-1972)
67Crime procedural, (CBS, 2008-2015)
68TFamily/Work Sitcom, (ABC, 1984-1992)
68TFamily Sitcom / Fantasy, (ABC, 1964-1972)
70Reality comedy , (ABC, 1990-present)
71Comedy/Romance, (ABC, 1977-1986)
72Anthology drama, (NBC, ABC, 1949-1963)
73Western / Family, (NBC, 1974-1983)
74Workplace Sitcom, (ABC, 1989-1997)
75Family drama, (CBS, 1972-1981)
76Western, (CBS, 1957-1963)
77Crime procedural, (CBS, 2014-present)
78Drama / Fantasy, (CBS, 1994-2003)
79Medical drama, (FOX, 2004-2012)
80Anthology drama, (CBS, 1953-1962)
81Prime-time soap, (CBS, 1981-1990)
82Variety, (CBS, 1949-1959)
83Workplace Sitcom, (CBS, 1970-1977)
84News magazine, (ABC, 1989-2012)
85Crime procedural, (CBS, 2010-present)
86Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1972-1978)
87Medical drama, (ABC, 1969-1976)
88Family Sitcom, (NBC, 1982-1989)
89Crime procedural, (CBS, 1980-1988)
90Crime procedural, (NBC, 1967-1975)
91TSketch comedy, (NBC, 1950-1955)
91TSketch comedy, (NBC, 1968-1973)
93Crime procedural, (CBS, 2004-2013)
94Family/Pals Sitcom, (ABC, 1987-1995)
95Legal drama (CBS, 2009-2016)
95Prime-time soap, (CBS, 1979-1993)
97Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1954-1960)
98Pals/Family Sitcom (NBC, 1998-2006, 2017-present)
99Family Sitcom, (CBS, 1966-1971)
100TWorkplace Sitcom, (NBC, 1984-1992)
100TComedy variety, (NBC, 1965-1974)

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