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Can you name the two-word phrases or people with the initials 'V' & 'W'?

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ClueVW answer
Usually abbreviated VW, this company was founded in 1937 (by Nazis!) to produce the 'People's Car'.
2002 college 'National Lampoon' movie starring Ryan Reynolds.
US Indie rock band best known for the tracks 'A-Punk' and 'Horchata'.
Last name of a fictional Washington Irving character, it's also the real last name of Vanilla Ice.
The two cities that shared the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
Former Miss America who sang 'Save the Best for Last' and starred in Desparate Housewives and Ugly Betty.
Nabisco's Nilla brand are this type of cookie.
She's been turning letters on TV since November 1982..
American television was first described by this phrase in a 1961 speech by FCC chairman Newton Minow.
Major battles in this conflict included Khe Sanh, the Tet Offensive and An Loc.
A disciplinary measure, usually by an employer, not recorded on paper.
The largest US mobile network operator, it bought out AT&T Mobility in 2009.
3-time Golden Glove winner and MLB All-Star. Blue Jays 1999-2010, Angels 2011-present.
Phrase that might complete both 'I'm not feeling v__ w___ today' and 'V___ w___, then we'll try again later.'
'To the Lighthouse' author namedropped in the title of an Edward Albee play.
Name shared by all athletic teams in the oldest Catholic university in Pennsylvania.
Hair-like animal fabric that has never previously been spun or processed.
In gaming, an online simulated environment, such as Second Life, where multiple players can interact.
Non-carbonated fruit-flavored energy drink whose varieties include Rescue, Vital-T and Power-C.
The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be detected by the human eye.
2002 Christina Aguilera single whose title begins with the TV competition in which she is a coach.
American fashion designer known for her bridal gowns

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