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Can you name the word or term that produces more results on a Google search?

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Note: Results found may not necessarily relate to the categories shown. For example: Lincoln may refer to the President or the car. When answers are displayed, number of results appear in the same order as the competitors, NOT with the larger value first.
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The CompetitorsThe Champion!
Geog.: Alaska vs Hawaii
Geog.: France vs Germany
Geog.: North Korea vs South Korea
Geog.: New York City vs Los Angeles
Geog.: Kazakhstan vs Kyrgyzstan
Entertainment: Cats vs Rent
Ent.: Hulk Hogan vs Steve Austin
Ent.: Batman vs Superman
Ent.: the f-bomb word vs the s-bomb word
Ent.: DVD vs Blu-Ray
Sci.: Evolution vs Creation
Sci.: Microsoft vs Apple
Sci.: Isaac Newton vs Albert Einstein
Sci.: Venus vs Mars
Sci.: Physics vs Chemistry
Hist.: Washington vs Lincoln
Hist.: War vs Peace
Hist.: Marx vs Lenin
Hist.: George W Bush vs Barack Obama
Hist.: Roe vs Wade
Lit.: Team Jacob vs Team Edward
Lit.: Ron Weasley vs Hermione Granger
Lit.: Holmes vs Watson
Lit.: Pride vs Prejudice
Lit.: Prose vs Poetry
Sports: New York Yankees vs New York Mets
Sports: Wayne Gretzky vs Sidney Crosby
Sports: Da Bears vs Da Bulls
Sports: NFL vs NCAA
Sports: Real Madrid vs A C Milan
Lang.: synonym vs antonym
Lang.: noun vs verb
Lang.: homonym vs homophone
The CompetitorsThe Champion!
Lang.: Latin vs Greek
Lang.: Klingon vs Leet
Just for Fun: Minefield vs Blitz
Just for Fun: SproutCM vs Hejman
Just for Fun: Boxers vs Briefs
Just for Fun: tweet vs poke
Just for Fun: Beer vs Wine
Religion: Matthew vs Mark vs Luke vs John
Religion: Jesus vs Christmas
Religion: Thou shalt not kill vs Thou shalt not steal
Religion: Hindu vs Muslim
Religion: Atheist vs Agnostic
Movies: Casablanca vs The Godfather
Movies: C3PO vs R2D2
Movies: Tom Hanks vs Will Smith
Movies: Alien vs Predator
Movies: Freddy vs Jason
TV: Letterman vs Leno
TV: CNN vs Fox News
TV: South Park vs Family Guy
TV: Sheldon vs Leonard
Music: Lennon vs McCartney
Music: OMG vs LMFAO
Music: Rock vs Roll
Music: Sinatra vs Elvis
Music: Bohemian Rhapsody vs Smells Like Teen Spirit
Gaming: Red vs Blue
Gaming: Ratchet vs Clank
Gaming: Mario vs Luigi
Gaming: Xbox vs Wii
Gaming: Grand Theft Auto vs Legend of Zelda

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