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Popular in the 1960's & 1970's, these trousers or jeans grew wider below the knee.Bell-bottoms
Elizabeth Berkley of Showgirls and Mark-Paul Gosselaar of NYPD Blue both appeared in this
gentler Saturday morning NBC-TV series.
Saved By The Bell
A subsidiary of Yum! Brands, this fast-food chain is named after its founder, Glen Bell.Taco Bell
In 1751, the Pennsylvania State House paid
100 Pounds for this defective merchandise,
but kept it anyways.
Liberty Bell
A 'normal distribution' in statistics
produces this shape when graphed.
You often also see it on a Sporcle results page.
Bell curve
Uniquely, this Scottish-born inventor made the list of the 100 Great Britons, 100 Greatest Americans
and 100 Greatest Canadians
Alexander Graham Bell
'Ask not…' where Ernest Hemingway got this book's title. It was from a 1624 work by John Donne.For Whom The Bell Tolls
On the Scoville scale of flavor 'hotness',
jalapeños score 1500, pimentos score 100,
and this vegetable scores zero.
Bell pepper
Heard most weekdays at 4 pm EST on Wall Street in New York.Closing bell
Glassware often used when trying to create a vacuum, or Sylvia Plath's novel about mental illness.The Bell Jar
In 2008, this actress found life after 'Mars' in two prime time roles: narrator on Gossip Girl,
and an electricity-manipulator on Heroes.
Kristen Bell
A paralysis of the facial nerve, resulting in inability to control facial muscles on the affected side.Bell's Palsy
Opening track on AC/DC's album Back In Black,
or the Buffy episode where
Xander meets future-Xander.
Hells Bells
Clue Answer % Correct
Seasonal song written in 1857 by James L Pierpoint.
In the past few years, it's been a holiday hit for both Kimberley Locke and Basshunter.
Jingle Bells
Flowers of the genus Hyacinthoides,
or a Scottish pop-band of the 1980's
who recorded 'Young At Heart'.
In 1979, this disco classic hit #1 US for Anita Ward. Twenty-two years later, it was covered by Will Smith as 'The Fresh Prince'.Ring My Bell
An airtight chamber still used in underwater salvage, it was paired with a 'Butterfly'
in the title of a 2007 French film.
Diving Bell
Canadian magazine for brides or type of 'Blues' suffered by the Fifth Dimension in a 1970 hit.Wedding Bells
When Bobby Brown went solo, this trio of other
New Edition members found success
with the songs 'Poison' and 'Do Me'.
Bell Biv DeVoe
Named after the last of over 30 instruments all played by composer Mike Oldfield, this song is most famously heard on the soundtrack to The Exorcist.Tubular Bells
A 1958 rom-com with James Stewart & Kim Novak, named after the 3 necessary articles
for a ceremony of excommunication.
Bell, Book and Candle
Dominican-born left fielder and 3-time All Star,
who won the 1987 MVP award while with
the Toronto Blue Jays
George Bell
Before gaining fame as Jigsaw in the horror franchise 'Saw', this actor played the Unabomber.Tobin Bell
At age 14 he won the BAFTA for Best Actor for his role in the film Billy Elliot.Jamie Bell
Older brother of the above running back,
with his band The Drells
he had a #1 song in the 60's with 'Tighten Up'.
Archie Bell
This USC running back who was drafted first overall in 1977 by NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers,
tragically died at age 29 from heart disease.
Ricky Bell

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