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Can you name the common words or terms that includeletters of the Greek alphabet?

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The dominant masculine member
of a group of humans or dogs
Breakfast cereal with pieces shaped like letters
The binary star system less than 5 light years from Earth. Heck, we're practically neighbors!
Consisting of both A-Z and 0-9.
A class of drugs, including Propranolol, used to treat hypertension and heart attack victims
The organic compound that gives red & orange vegetables their color
In the video-tape wars, this format lost to VHS.
Form of radiation ascribed to
the origin of the Incredible Hulk
Early '70s country charttopper for Tanya Tucker and #1 pop for Helen Reddy
Musical style of singers like James Cotton,
Big Boy Cruddup, John Lee Hooker,
Leadbelly and Muddy Waters.
Mrs. Michael Douglas
Without even the teensiest amount
An honorary society of college students chosen on the basis of high acedemic standing
80's group that performed 'I Can't Wait'
or fresh footwear for the spelling-challenged
Irrational number often approximated to 22/7.
The band KLF were previously known
as the Justified Ancients of this.
VI + V
Business management strategy developed by Motorola that seeks to reduce defects
70's soul band, famed for 'Oh Girl'
and 'Have You Seen Her'
Defunct chain of US restaurants
that specialized in Mexican food.
1971 Charton Heston film that used
the same source material as 'I Am Legend'

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